Black GAMSAT Friday…

I saw this date approaching…I, surely not…but of course. Like a crazed vengeful zombie, there it was, that email from ACER, sitting in your inbox, with the date stamp Friday the 13th. Only the Australia Council for Educational Research (aka ACER, aka creator of GAMSAT, aka the bane of a med-student wanna-be’s life) would […]

Hot cross buns. What’s your poison?

This “scary” photo has been doing the rounds so here’s some information about what these chemicals in our beloved hot cross buns actually are..and whether we should really stop eating them (and not just for lent) Ethyl alcohol (or ethanol). Found in high concentrations in alcoholic beverages. There’s your “horrendous chemical” flammable carcinogen right there. […]

Top 5 Websites for Inspiring Reading (& GAMSAT Section II fodder)

Our busy lives, the 24 hour news cycle, the dynamic, often fleeting interaction and exposure we have to news and information and even with those around us – it’s hardly conducive to thoughtful pondering or philosophical contemplation. When we are busy, tired, rushed…even friendly banter or debate in the form of a well constructed argument is often […]