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cbsquared GAMSAT preparation courses
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by Dean on cbsquared GAMSAT preparation courses
Chemistry & Physics for GAMSAT Attendance Course, Summer 2014-15

Hi Corri & Sean. I just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great course. This was my first time sitting the GAMSAT and I had no background in Chemistry or Physics, save for Year 11 nearly 20 years ago. I tried studying the subjects using textbooks (and even other GAMSAT home-study preparation courses) but struggled to make progress in a reasonable time and found myself bewildered at the level of assumed knowledge and the sheer number of topics to be mastered. After doing both the Chemistry and Physics courses, however, I found that I really understood the topics and found the test relatively straight-forward, scoring a very respectable 65 for Section III. Both courses hone-in on only the relevant materials but still include enough of the background theory that you come to understand the relationships between quantities, which is what you need to do in order to be able to work out problems quickly under test conditions. Of course it still takes dedication and hard-work to get the best understanding of the materials, but both courses are well-paced and develop concepts incrementally. I’d definitely recommend attendance in the Chemistry course (it’s a good opportunity to form study groups with others at the same level) but the online course is spot-on and, with dedicated study and the aid of a good organic chemistry textbook (plus Corri & Sean's willingness to answer questions in the online forum) I'm sure any student could do just as well.

Update (November 2015): I got into my first preference university in the first round of offers. Thanks again both of you! I never could have achieved so highly without your courses.

by Jen on cbsquared GAMSAT preparation courses
Chemistry for GAMSAT attendance course, Winter 2014

Hi Corri,

I just wanted to say thank you for your Chemistry course. I did your winter face-to-face course last year in preparation for GAMSAT 2015.

When I started, I barely knew the difference between an electron and a proton. When I finished, I was aware of a whole new world of Chemistry. The sequencing of concepts in your course, the online lectures, face-to-face tutorials and general support offered by yourself along with the opportunity to meet and make wonderful friends with other like-minded individuals, provided me with the perfect opportunity to tackle my area of weakness.

As a single, full-time working mother of two very busy teenage boys, I loved the logical and streamlined structuring of topics and skills that allowing me to maximise the precious time I had to study.

Without your course, I don't think I would have been able to achieve a GAMSAT score that allowed me to apply, receive an invitation to interview and ultimately an offer of a place in the Doctor of Medicine at Flinders Uni - my first choice of institution!

I am so excited to be in the position of preparing to study Medicine in a little over three months. Rest assured I have all your lecture notes and course materials organised and ready when I need them again, because they will be my first point of reference for anything Chemistry!

Thank you

by Jamie on cbsquared GAMSAT preparation courses
Chemistry Online Course 2015

Hi Corri,

I am writing to thank you for your help with my GAMSAT study. We have only met once in person, but you played a big role in me finally getting a place in a Med program this year. I sat the GAMSAT numerous times. The first time I was well underprepared. I did not complete chemistry in year 12 or at any university level, so it was a big weakness of mine I needed to address. I completed your online chemistry course before the 2014 gamsat and it helped improve my science section significantly, unfortunately I did not get an offer that year. Using your course again for the 2015, it helped to further improve my score and I got an interview offer for my dream med school. I alway thought this particular university was out of reach for me so it really is a dream come true. For someone like me, who has had minimal study in chemistry, this course is perfect. It covers all the content you need in a way that can be related to the GAMSAT- I couldn't recommend it more.

Thanks again Corri!