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Back to basics: turning GAMSAT maths into child’s play

Around half of the topics in the Chemistry for GAMSAT course rely on a number of mathematical skills.

Despite what you might initially think, the level of maths required in the GAMSAT is not difficult, but it may require a concerted effort to make sure your skills are up to scratch, especially with the no calculator rule.

So with a bit of practice, you really can turn that maths into child’s play 🙂

Below are a list of linked resources to get “back to basics” with your maths knowledge, and ensure you have the basic skills down-pat so that you can apply them while answering your chemistry questions. Many include examples and practice questions.

Rearranging & manipulating equations

Transposition of formulae (rearranging equations)
Fractions: Fear and loathing in mathematics
Dimensional Analysis
Simultaneous Equations


Conversion of natural logs to base 10 logs

Graphing and graphical analysis

Graphs and Proportion
Graphs and Functions

I’ll continue to add to this list as I find targeted and relevant resources. Follow us on our social media channels or join our mailing list to be alerted about updates.

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