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cbsquared is a growing team of science teaching enigmas! We are experts in our field but we still speak your language. We aim to provide personalised tuition and courses of an exceptional quality that will inspire you to learn and succeed. It doesn’t matter what level or science or maths you are at, we have all been there and we will draw on the difficulties that we too faced when learning science and maths.

All teachers at cbsquared have studied to a postgraduate university level in their field and are all experienced University tutors and lecturers. They are passionate about science and hope that you will become just as passionate as they are. You can be sure whatever it is you need to learn, our teachers know what you need to know backwards.

Corri Baker (Chemistry, GAMSAT mentor)

I have a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) with First Class Honours in Chemistry from the University of Adelaide. I’ve done extensive postgraduate research in the field of organic and inorganic chemistry as a PhD Candidate.

The International Baccalaureate workbook The Elements of Senior Chemistry that I co-authored in 2008 was a unique experience that further honed my ability to break complex chemistry concepts down for students just starting their chemistry journey.

My teaching roles have included Lecturer of Introductory Chemistry at the University of South Australia, 1st year and 2nd year chemistry tutor at both the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, and ADUChem Bridging Course tutor. I have years of experience teaching GAMSAT students, university students, and high school students (International Baccalaureate and SACE) from schools across the state.

Throughout my PhD I had supplemented my PhD scholarship bursary with teaching chemistry, I started out doing 1st year practical classes, then moved onto 1st and 2nd year tutorials, then 2nd and 3rd year Physical and Advanced Synthetic and Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Practicals. My PhD was a unique project that had aspects of organic, physical and computational chemistry so I had a good understanding of a broad range of chemsitry.

I founded cbsquared in 2009 after emails and phone calls from former students were desperate for a quality, structured approach to studying for the GAMSAT. Read the whole cbsquared story.

Corri knows a fair bit about the structure of frozen water. There are very specific temperature and pressures required for powder snow, and combinations that will cause an avalanche and possibly bury you.



Sean Manning (Physics, Maths basics specialist)

I have always been in love with science and maths. From a young age my answer to the question: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was scientist. Sadly my experiences in school were not overly positive and by the time I was 16 my passion was gone and I had had enough of school. I left school to go work at Mitsubishi on the assembly line. A year and a half of working in a place that didnt challenge me intellectually, much less recognise hard work or ability, made me painfully aware of the grave mistake I had made.

So I went back to school and studied my butt off, picking all the hardest subjects (maths studies and specialist, physics, chemistry and english) and I worked my way towards uni. Going back to school a bit older and probably a bit wiser was the best thing I ever did. My passion for science and mathematics had been reignited and I had the drive I needed to succeed.

During the second year of my undergraduate degree, I started tutoring year 11 and 12 physics students as a way of supplementing my nonexistent income. I quickly realised how much I enjoy helping people to understand the areas of study I am so passionate about. I’ve now been tutoring for 10 years. I’ve had upwards of 100 students from year levels 3 to 3rd year uni and I like to think that I’ve left an indelible mark on their educations.

I’ve now finished my undergraduate degree in physics, earned an honours degree in experimental physics and a PhD. Currently I’m work as a scientist for the government and in my ‘spare time’ I direct a tech startup (Sensability Pty. Ltd.) where my business partners and I are are busy commercialising a sensing technology we invented to create the perfect slice of toast.

But I’m still tutoring, I’m hooked.

A few years ago I was approached by Corri who was looking for a physics tutor to help with her GAMSAT course. I was excited about this new challenge but had never heard of GAMSAT, so I started looking into things. I soon developed an appreciation for what is required to successfully negotiate this difficult hurdle towards becoming a doctor.

I have built a set of lessons particularly tailored to the needs of people wishing to sit the GAMSAT. I focus on core concepts across a range of areas that appear to be favoured by the people who set GAMSAT. I make a special point of developing the necessary mathematical skills that are necessary for success, not just for the physics component of the GAMSAT but across the entire test. I also spend a lot of time demonstrating how to do actual GAMSAT questions, breaking them down and focusing on the important bits as well as strategies for dealing with multiple choice questions.

Generally speaking, my approach to teaching is to find that particular way of explaining something that will make it click for each person. I remember all the sticking points I had while learning as well as the little tricks that helped me to understand those challenging concepts. I’ve also learned from my students the many different ways someone can struggle with a subject and I’ve built a diverse range of methods for helping them overcome those difficulties.

I have a huge amount of respect for my GAMSAT students. They have been among the hardest working and most motivated people I’ve encountered.
I look forward to helping you guys achieve your goals.



Inspiring teachers that really know their stuff are often hard to find. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of the cbsquared team please contact us.

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