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The aim of the cbsquared Chemistry for GAMSAT course is to provide a foundation in chemistry for students who:


  • require significant chemistry understanding for the GAMSAT
  • have been using other GAMSAT preparation materials and have found them too hard, or don’t have enough basic understanding to use them effectively
  • need to master scientific skills and concepts such as graphical analysis, proportionality, manipulation of mathematical formulae, pattern recognition
  • are enrolling in science, engineering, medical or veterinary courses which assume a knowledge of chemistry
  • have no chemistry background
  • studied chemistry at year 12 or University but need the higher level chemistry understanding for the GAMSAT
  • studied chemistry some time ago
  • need to refresh or better understand chemistry


This course provides all the basic knowledge and extends to give an understanding of more difficult concepts.

Lecturer for the course is Corri Baker who has a passion for teaching and learning, and has significant teaching experience at University Level.


what is included?


The cbsquared online chemistry course is comprised of:


  • Online slidecasts of lecture presentations, with synchronised audio (~ 1000 slides, around 30 hours of audio)
  • Study Plan: a week to week guide of what to study and how much time to allocate to get all of your Chemistry study done before GAMSAT
  • Comprehensive summary of all topics, including a list of all the main concepts from each section
  • 20 tutorials with fully worked answers where required and walk throughs of mathematical rearrangments
  • Tips on how to work out questions without using a calculator
  • References to online resources and guides
  • Guide to official ACER Gamsat questions – a list of references to relevant section of lecture notes for each question
  • View on iPad and iPhone
  • Start and complete the course on your own timeline, no need to match your study with the attendance course
  • Access for one calendar year, or until the next March GAMSAT, whichever is longer.


There a a few options when it comes to cbsquared chemistry courses: you can either attend the course in Adelaide or purchase the online course to work on at home, in your own time, at your own pace..

Both the cbsquared course by attendance and the online course are equivalent to a 10 week lecture and tutorial course (similar to a semester of university study).


topics covered:


  1. 1. Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry
  2. 2. Bonding
  3. 3. Stoichiometry & Solutions
  4. 4. Molecular Geometry & Intermolecular Forces
  5. 5. Gases
  6. 6. Equilibrium
  7. 7. Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics
  8. 8. Chemical Kinetics
  9. 9. Acids & Bases
  10. 10. Phases & Physical Properties of Solutions
  11. 11. Oxidation & Reduction
  12. 12. Intro to Organic Chemistry
  13. 13. Stereochemistry
  14. 14. Reaction Mechanism (Organic Chemistry)
  15. 15. Reaction Pathways (Organic Chemistry)
  16. 16. Carbohydrates
  17. 17. Protein Chemistry
  18. 18. Structure Determination (Spectroscopy & Spectrometry)


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