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Back to basics: Graphing and the GAMSAT

This week, in the Chemistry for GAMSAT course, we start on the GASES topic. For many, this topic also marks their first foray into maths and graphing as part of their GAMSAT preparation.

The GAMSAT is notorious for using graphs to represent data, and for requiring that graphs are interpreted correctly to answer a question.

But hands up who can’t even remember doing a simple straight line y = mx + c graph since school, and who’s graphical prowess is either limited to a graphics calculator, or those blue pie charts in excel?

Never fear.

Being able to interpret and draw a graph are excellent skills to have, they can be applied across all three of the sciences of GAMSAT Section III, and they are suprisingly easy to learn!

Here are a couple of resources for getting up to speed with graphs.

Resource 1: BBC Bitesize – Graphs and Proportion

This resource gives a quick rundown of:

  • direct proportion
  • inverse proportion
  • straight line graph (proportional)
  • quadratic
  • cubic
  • square root
  • inverse proportion
Credit: (click to link to original article)
Credit: (click image to link to original article)


Resource 2: Zona Land Education – A closer look at graphing

Weird name, and old school looking website, but good explanations. Scroll to the bottom for links to each of the following:

  • Direct proportions
  • Linear functions
  • Inverse proportions
  • Inverse proportion graph
  • Rational functions, 1/x
Image Credit: Zona Land Education (click to link to original article)
Image Credit: Zona Land Education (click to link to original article)


I hope these resources helped jog your memory and enable you to “tow the line” so to speak, when it comes to graphical analysis.

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